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Whether you require a fully equipped office providing total setting out support for a considerable period of time, or just need an experienced site engineer to visit for a couple of hours, Kemp can meet the needs of your project.

Our team members are based throughout the South West and can travel to sites anywhere in the region or the UK generally if requested.

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Calling on Kemp’s expertise can be the most cost-effective way of setting out a large, multidisciplined site that requires a considerable amount of engineering survey support. We can set up a fully equiped & computerised office on site, run by one of our senior engineering surveyors, which can then be staffed to meet the site programme. This has been done successfully on a number of major projects over the years.

If the scope of your site does not warrant the services of a full time engineer but still requires some setting out support, you can also benefit from our visiting setting out services. We can visit as and when you need us to, and provide you with the initial set out, help you catch up with setting out that may be falling behind schedule, or provide your inexperienced engineers with professional assistance, saving you time and money. We can also provide troubleshooting for setting out errors that may have halted progress.


Kemp Chartered Land & Engineering Surveyors
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